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 Production information and product quality


Production plan

We always make detailed production plan every month. 

The conventional best-selling products: 

TE, TC, TP, etc,  Our  fixed  production capacity  is 150kg/month 

Hot-selling products: ND, BU, OXY, STAN, METH etc, Our fixed production capacity is 100kg/month. 

TRAC, TREN, OX, DP etc, Our monthly fixed production capacity is 30-50kg/month. 

Conventional products: MST,MD,ME,4-CL  etc. Our fixed production capacity is  5-10kg/month 

Firstly, We will give priority to ensure the domestic and foreign customers’ order production and timely delivery. For some small quantity demanded unconventional products, We will also arrange production engineer to specially produce raw materials in our lab for meeting our clients’ various demands. In addition, The sales department will submit marketing plan to workshop according to the actual sales situation. The head of the production workshop department will authorize extra 10-20% of the sales plan to incorporate into production plan, for ensuring that we can have greater supply capacity to meet clients’ purchasing demand.

The production process and quality management system

The purchasing stage of raw material production

Purchasing staff will procure various types of raw materials in strict accordance with the domestic highest standards. Our company will sign a quality assurance agreement with raw material suppliers, we will also carry out strict test of raw materials at the same time. Unqualified raw material and supplier will be eliminated after test .

Raw materials purchasing and process controlling by QA( quality analysis) department .

The QA department will monitor the whole raw material purchasing process to work strictly in accordance with the need of production department. We resolutely eradicate shoddy phenomenon.

Production stage

Our company has the most domestic advanced production line. Part of the core production machines (reactor) are imported from Germany and regularly passed through strict inspection and cleaning in order to ensure the production line can be very efficient operated. The production department operators will receive rigorous training before taking up their positions, And some employees have more than three years operating experience. The chief engineer who is in charge of the workshop will be responsible for the whole production process which including  raw material inspection, feeding, stirring, dilution crystallization, baking etc. Our chief engineer has ten years of experience in the production of steroid powder, and also are familiar with the production technology  and production process . 

The detection of raw powder and inspection of test results by QC( quality control) department.

Our company uses the advanced detecting instrument and complete test facility to ensure the quality of products fully meet customer requirements. For each new batch of produced raw materials, The QC department will carry out strict test and sample retention, Qualified raw materials will be delivered to clients after test. If the customer has any objection to the quality of the products, We will compare the sample and test results. Also will test retained samples from the same batch again .

The test method and chromatograph chart

Our company QC staff will strictly test in accordance with USP standard, We have precision infrared spectrometer, UV spectrometer and some other advanced equipments for making sure  the accuracy of test results. We will have more than twice sample test of the same batch for avoiding contingency of test results. Chromatograph chart actually reflects  the overall quality of raw powder. We will retain the chromatograph chart and sample,  And the testing staff will also be responsible for all the test results simultaneously.

The inventory statement

Normally, Except for the orders delivered to clients, we will also have a certain amount of products inventory in order to meet customer needs of different periods. Our Warehouse is built strictly in accordance with the GSP specifications and equipped with temperature controlling  refrigerating room for ensuring the special raw material storage conditions.


Production instruction
Production unit: landmarkchem                                  Order object: workshop NO.2                                                      Date: 2014.10.20
Voucher No. 331055897XM Instruction No. LMK141020TE
Product Name Testosterone enanthate   Product No. LM001
Specification 99% Quantity 150kg
Launch Date 2014.10.23 Expected Completion Date 2014.10.31
Production Date 2014.10.23 Actual finish date 2014.10.31
Material Usage Note
Material Name 4-AD Recipient date 2014.10.20
Receive quantity 1800kg Actual Quantity 1652kg
Recipient wang Quarantine inspector liu
Manufacturing method

1、Etherification reaction: rate of charge by 4―AD∶ absolute ethyl alcohol∶ triethyl orthoformate∶ Hydrogen pyridine bromide salts = 1∶0.9~1.1∶0.7~0.9∶0.0045~0.0055; generate Etherate via Etherification;

2、Restore hydrolysis reaction: rate of charge by Etherate∶ sodium borohydride or PBH(potassium borohydride)∶ methanol∶ hydrochloric acid∶sodium hydroxide=1∶0.12~0.18∶ 9~11∶0.8~1.2∶ 0.4~0.0.6; generate testosterone via hydrolysis; 

3、halogenating reaction: rate of charge by testosterone∶benzene∶ pyridine∶ Heptanoyl chloride∶methanol∶ hydrochloric acid=1∶5.8~6.2∶0.8~1.2∶0.75~0.85∶3.3~3.7∶ 0.5~0.7; generate testosterone enanthate via halogenating.
Transfer note
Transfer Unit landmarkchem Trabsfer Date 2014.10.21
Factory director wang Production Management Division liu


Production instruction
Production unit: landmarkchem              Order object: workshop NO.2          Date: 2014.10.20
Voucher No. 115036679TM Instruction No. LMK141020TRAC
Product Name Trenbolone Acetate  Product No. LM011
Specification 99% Quantity 300kg
Launch Date 2014.10.23 Expected Completion Date 2014.10.31
Production Date 2014.10.23 Actual finish date 2014.10.31
Material Usage Note
Material Name Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione 98% Recipient date 2014.10.20
Receive quantity 400kg Actual Quantity 367.2kg
Recipient wang Quarantine inspector liu
Manufacturing method

1、Etherification reaction: put methanol into retort、acetylchloride、The female steroid - 4, 9 - diene - 3, 17―diketone, stir, adjust pH value, suction filtration, washing, centrifuge.                                     

2、Restore hydrolysis reaction: add potassium borohydride, stir, adjust pH value, washing, concentration.        

3、hydrolysis reaction: add methanol、HCl, base plate,adjust pH value, concentration,add dichloromethane and dissolve, washing, dehydration.                           

4、dehydrogenation reaction:rinse with dichloromethane, add DDQ, base plate, suction filtration, washing, concentration, cooling, drying, get trenbolone.               

5、acylation reaction: suction benzene、pyridine, put into trenbolone, 4-DMAP, dropwise add acetylchloride, heat preservation, washing, concentration, get trenbolone acetate.

Transfer note
Transfer Unit landmarkchem Trabsfer Date 2014.10.21
Factory director wang Production Management Division liu


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