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    Posted by Stenbaah    From:United States   IP:172.58.121.***   Date:2019-7-13 20:46:44

    Good Business Ethics
    I've bern dealing with Jasen, he has been a very attentive and conscientious representative for Landmark. My dealings have been bref so far but very positive. Even though we work on opposing clocks as a US coustomer, Jasen has obviously gone out of his was to answer questions regarding orders, recipes & cycles even after hours. He is also very knowledgeable when it comes to anabolics, stacks & protocols. I would highly recommend Jasen and Landmark and look forward to working with him in the future.

    Reply by the master: at 2019-7-19 10:13:08
    Thank you for your positive comment. Your encouragement will keep us moving forward.
    We sincerely hope that we’ll have more chances to serve you!
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    Posted by Cody Mac    From:United States   IP:71.85.118.***   Date:2019-6-13 1:22:43

    Another great order from Landmark!!!
    Been using Landmark for a while now, always impressed with their product selection and reliability. Caroline is always available to answer all my questions and is very knowledgeable about all the products that they offer.
    Shipping was discreet and professionally packaged. I've placed several orders with Landmark and haven't had ANY negative experiences. Will continue to do business with this great company!!

    Reply by the master: at 2019-6-20 11:44:02
    Hello friends, I am very happy to receive your feedback to me. It is our great pleasure to serve you. It is because there are many of you that we can grow up. In order to thank you for your support, we will continue to optimize ourselves and Bring your guys a better shopping experience. And if there is anything that we can help, please feel free to contact Caroline. Thanks!
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    Posted by Justin Frazier    From:US   IP:172.58.3.***   Date:2019-5-8 15:52:19

    Employee April Yang
    Your employee April Yang is amazing. Always responded diligently on time. Made sure my customer experience was at 'full satisfaction. I will be a continuing customer because of her over the top service.

    Reply by the master: at 2019-5-9 10:23:40
    Justin, so glad to get your feedback, thank you for your recognition and support. We will always offer you top customers service and the high qulity products all the time. Looking for forward to more cooperations with you in the near future.
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    Posted by Justin wares    From:United States of America   IP:172.58.32.***   Date:2019-4-21 22:03:43

    Caroline Yi
    Today is day three into my ten week lean mass cycle.. I will post again after i experience more results this is my first encounter with landmark chem or any type of preformance enhancer so i must admit my skepticism was at an all time hi like other reviews i asked a million questions and got a million answers on time and taking into acount the time diffrence was taken very good care of you will get your product rest assured just be sure you ask all the questions you need in regard to The goals you are trying to attain to ensure proper amounts delivered so as to not have to do multiple orders i loom fprward to results in the next couple weeks and will be posting again when this time comes thank you Caroline for all your help i look forward to doing more buisness very soon and thank you landmark chem. And Happy Easter to all. Regards


    Reply by the master: at 2019-4-22 9:48:29
    Hello Justin, thank you for your valuable feedback here upon my service and the quality of our products, answer customer's question is the most happy thing in our daily work, we feel a sense of accomplishment when we help our client to solve any problems they have met during our cooperation, Cooperation requires joint efforts, since you chose us, we are responsible for you, we will walk you though every hard steps, and to a win win cooperation! Thank you again, looking forward to our long term cooperation!
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    Posted by Bourne    From:United States   IP:23.251.83.***   Date:2019-4-20 22:35:47

    SOOOOOO Satisfied!!
    I worked with Bourne, He is nothing but courteous and professional. I ordered on a Thursday morning and recieved tracking info that day! My package arrived Monday. I am truly beyond pleased about my business with this company and give it nothing less than a 10 star review.

    Reply by the master: at 2019-4-22 9:43:18
    Glad to hear that, it’s what we should do, it’s our pleasure to serve you. And if there is anything that we can help, please feel free to contact Bourne. Thanks!
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    Posted by JM    From:Usa   IP:107.77.253.***   Date:2019-3-23 23:17:43

    Great service and products
    Working with Lily (landmarksale02@gmail.com) is always a pleasure. Very knowledgeable and always dependable. Of course products is top notch

    Reply by the master: at 2019-3-29 10:05:38
    Thanks for your support and long term business cooperation . You are our VIP client and we will continue to supply you high quality products with excellent service .
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    Posted by Snave    From:United States   IP:142.93.112.***   Date:2019-3-5 14:40:22

    Testosterone Enanthate 50 G. I was very very hesitant to buy from them...so I have a steroid kit from landmark.ca.. The product got here in 4 days. Tested it...confirmed that it is not fake. I used the product and got good results

    Reply by the master: at 2019-3-8 9:48:02
    Thanks, glad to receive your good review. It's our great pleasure to be on service of you. Your feedback is our motivation to do better. Thanks again!
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    Posted by Peter    From:Australia   IP:202.67.87.***   Date:2019-2-16 15:06:52

    Don't worry about getting ripped off
    Hi, I just bought my first lot of raws from Landmark and I admit I wasn't confident but I received my parcel today! Took just under two weeks to Australia.I just ordered 20g of three different compounds. This is my first brew so I'll leave more feedback when I get bloodwork done on cycle. I dealt with Candice, she's awesome!!

    Reply by the master: at 2019-2-16 9:52:48
    Hi friend, thanks for your reviews and I am sure that you are full of confidence in us now. Any questions of brewing, please feel free to contact Candice, she will always be your best rep and offer you help. More feedback of our powders will be appreciated, looking forward to do more business with you in nearest future.
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    Posted by Jay Roc    From:Canada   IP:173.23.48.***   Date:2018-11-26 12:31:39

    5 of 5 stars! Top notch
    Outstanding quality and customer service! Very highly recommend LMC. Why try the rest when you've got the best right here! Top notch absolutely no complaints. Definitely choose LMC!

    Reply by the master: at 2018-12-4 9:40:21
    Thanks for your positive review friend! Your satisfaction is the greatest encouragement to keep us going on. Vera and Landmark will continue to provide better products and service for you. Your recommendations will be greatly appreciated!
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    Posted by Derrick    From:United States   IP:99.203.29.***   Date:2018-11-24 10:24:00

    Amazing product and service
    Been taking Testosterone e for two months know at 2g a week and great and immediate gains. Will be going back too get more. Thanks

    Reply by the master: at 2018-12-4 9:41:01
    Thanks for your business cooperation and positive feedback. We will keep our best spirit to offer your our qulity goods and customer service to you and all of clients. Thank you again.
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