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    Posted by Lorenzo    From:Canada   IP:70.82.140.***   Date:2018-11-12 11:52:43

    Amazing product
    The best of the best when it comes to powder. I'm a very big fan of the cardarine i make it in caps and noticed an immediate difference.
    My rep was jasen we spoke through wickr me and i always get smooth transactions. Very polite and always reliable.

    Reply by the master: at 2018-11-12 13:42:07
    Thank you for your positive comment. Your encouragement will keep us moving forward.We sincerely hope that we’ll have more chances to serve you.
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    Posted by Luciano    From:Brazil   IP:177.96.26.***   Date:2018-10-20 20:22:55

    Always PERFECT!!!
    Billy is the one who catches me. I make direct contact with whatsapp with it. I live in Brazil, so we have 12 hours of time. But his service is always prefect, respond quickly, is always willing to solve any question, sending is fast, accurate and has helped me a lot. I am completely satisfied with the products and the service !!

    Reply by the master: at 2018-10-24 10:42:07
    I'm very excited to hear your positive and sincere feedback about Billy and us. Thanks soooo much! Your feedback is Billy's and our motivation to do better for you and other customers. For the future cooperation, we will always offer the best for you and other customers. Sincerely thanks again!
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    Posted by Wanna be swolle    From:United States   IP:174.236.136.***   Date:2018-9-21 4:32:41

    Legit stuff
    Hmd Doris took great care of me ! The whole process was streamline and Doris was extremely patient with me . Great product and great packing . So enjoy good product.

    Reply by the master: at 2018-9-21 11:22:35
    Thanks for your good reviews!Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us,we will continue to provide top quality products with best service for you.Looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future!
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    Posted by JJ    From:United States   IP:107.77.241.***   Date:2018-9-14 13:37:19

    Best Service
    My representative was April, and let me start by saying, she was amazing to work with. She was nice and very polite even though I maybe gave her a hard time when we first met because I was so skeptical of LMC. I probably asked a million questions! During the whole process, she was great. I loved working with her and I will continue to order from LMC for all my needs. It was a pleasure April! You made things easy! I appreciate all that you did for me!

    Reply by the master: at 2018-9-14 14:18:12
    Thank you for leaving such a nice review, your satisfaction gives us great encouragement. We'll continue to provide our best service for you.
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    Posted by Deezs    From:United States   IP:99.203.87.***   Date:2018-7-30 4:00:00

    My girl raine.
    First time dealing with landmark nutraceuticals. Raine is the go to lady very good with communication. Packing. Was very professionnel. I was very impressed did rapaid shipping. And was at my door in 4days.

    Reply by the master: at 2018-8-6 11:36:22
    I'm very excited to hear your positive feedback and know you're very satisfied with us. Thanks soooo much! Your feedback is our motivation to do better. We will continuously keep high quality and service for you and other customers.
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    Posted by P. Parker    From:Australia   IP:220.240.4.***   Date:2018-7-27 14:08:44

    Great service
    Fist time user and will definitely be my
    Main company of use now. On time and guaranteed delivery

    Reply by the master: at 2018-8-7 9:07:42
    Thank you for your positive comment,P.Parker! Your encouragement will keep us moving forward.You can always enjoy our quality service.
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    Posted by Saitech    From:India   IP:157.36.166.***   Date:2018-7-21 23:58:02

    Awesome product
    Landmark product is awesome i tried all company product but landmark is tooo good worker also hard worker mendy lee also too good she talking politely

    Reply by the master: at 2018-7-25 11:31:44
    Thanks for your long support dear, it's our great honor to cooperate with you.
    Anything needed, please feel free to contact Mendy. Landmark will never disappoint you! :)
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    Posted by Caique    From:Brasil   IP:177.86.156.***   Date:2018-7-16 9:13:04

    I love Carol
    Carol is the best seller, I'm her, she always does a great job.

    Reply by the master: at 2018-7-25 10:09:04
    It's my great pleasure to hear from you Caique, thank you for the feedback, your words is the best energy which moves us ever forward, We will continuously improve the product quality and service, so that you can enjoy a better shopping experience!
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    Posted by Caique    From:Brasil   IP:177.86.156.***   Date:2018-7-16 3:53:30

    Excelente serviço
    Sempre sou atendido pela Carol, e ela é a melhor no que faz, presta um excelente atendimento sempre ❤️

    Reply by the master: at 2018-7-24 10:00:40
    Thanks again, Caique!
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    Posted by SOS510    From:USA   IP:67.172.114.***   Date:2018-7-3 8:31:20

    Second to NONE!!!!!
    was reluctant at first as lots of bull---- companies with fake products. gave them a shot and hands down one of best companies I worked with. Products are amazing and so is reliability. delivery to home is and has been a breeze. when delivery is delayed, my personal sales associate (Burgess) maintains contact with me well above what he needs to. his professionalism and willingness to help is unparalleled by any individual I have dealt with from any other company since I have been using these types of products!!! bottom line is this is a great company with great staff and I need no other!!! Would recommend to anyone. Give them a shot and i`m CERTAIN anyone will be more than satisfied!!! Cant say enough about this company and their products, yes i`m so over the top it sounds unbelievable, but just try a small order and see for yourself!!!!

    Reply by the master: at 2018-7-3 9:00:10

    Thanks for your feedback, SOS510! Your satisfaction is the greatest affirmation for us! High-Quality products, Safe Transportation and Best Service will be always provided. It's my pleasure to help you! Any question just feels free to contact Burgess. You will only have a good memory with us. Landmarkchem and Burgess will not let you down. Hope our relationship could last forever! Thanks again!
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