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2018-6-13 14:36:33 | hits:765 | category:Steroid Application

Just like riding and wrestle have its own equipment, bodybuilding also has its specially
protective clothing. Most people who like to do bodybuilding exercise have
their own equipment like cycling gloves, wristbands and kneecaps. We need to
know them well so that we can reach a better result with less effort. However,
the fact is, many of us don’t know the right way to use them. Next, I’ll
introduce how to wear them correctly.


1. Gloves, wristbands. Maybe you’ll say is there anybody who doesn’t know how to wear
gloves? But the way many of those in the gym wear their gloves really makes me
surprised. They have open-toed gloves for combat, cycling gloves, gloves for
anti-collision even a bandage! It’s common to see such cases for people think
that wearing gloves is, to a large extent, to look cool, or only add some
friction. However, professional gloves should cover your wrist to prevent it
from rotating, for rotating would lead to injury, usually not a minor one. So
it’s important to choose gloves with a wristband, and when binding it, it’s
suggested not to bind it too tight in consideration of the blood flowing. Have
you been aware of the right way to choose and wear the gloves now? For
open-toed gloves, a pad is placed at the joint, it’s used to protect your joint
from being rubbed. See your own gloves, it’s never for looking cool, but for
protecting our palm as our partner.


2. Booster band. I believe that many people have seen booster band, but most of them don’t think
it necessary to use it. People have a pair of glove in the gym and do all the
exercise with it. It will be very stressful for the gloves, have you ever
thought for the gloves? Besides, it’s unscientific. When we’re doing high
pull-down exercise, you’ll find it almost the same weather you wear gloves or
not, but it will be totally different if you use a booster band to help you.
Gloves only add the friction force so that you can grasp the bar more easily,
your forearm will expend with heat with time going. As to the booster band, it
buckles on the bar directly, so that we’ll be more stable, and our forearms
will be relaxed. This is why some females who do all exercise with gloves,
didn’t train their forearms, but the forearms still grow thick.


3. Kneecaps. Many trainers use kneecaps because the knee-joint is easy to be injured. Not because
it’s fragile, but many trainers do deep squat with heavy goods blindly. If the
range of actions is not controlled well, it will hurt the knee-joint. Kneecaps
will make the knee-joint stable, just like new muscles on the joint to help you
do the exercise. It’s also important to bind it correctly. Take one side of the
kneecaps, put it on the knee joint, then you can bind your knee. This will make
your knee stable, you can also justify the tightness.


Above is the common use of protective clothing for bodybuilding exercise. It should be clear
that they are use for protecting us from getting injured, not for attacking. We
should them correctly.

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